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Thought Leaders: 2018 Nebraska User Group Presentation
Thought Leaders: 2018 Nebraska User Group Presentation
Join Us at the 2018 Nebraska User Group Conference Nebraska Innovation Campus Conference Center, Lincoln, NE
Point Cloud, Imagery, and Beyond Integrating and Enriching Design Level Mapping
Track #6 | Wednesday, March 28, 2018 | 2:00-2:45
Using our stereo 3D presentation system we will demonstrate the components of modern mapping, and how we utilize the best tool in the toolbox and leverage the strengths of each approach to produce a seamless design mapping dataset. Collaboration with the design team is critical when planning the missions and integrating the
survey and mapping data. We will review the data fusion approach during this interactive 3D presentation.
• Derek Smith, Wilson & Company, Kansas City, Missouri
• Whitney Lynn, Wilson & Company, Kansas City, Missouri
Meet Our Presenters
Derek Smith is Wilson & Company’s Geospatial Operations Manager and has 14 years of experience developing photogrammetric and LiDAR workflows and managing Geospatial projects. He oversees Wilson’s full-service mapping group providing solutions using photogrammetry and LiDAR from a variety of platforms like fixed and rotary wing aircraft, as well as mobile, static, and other terrestrial acquisition methods.
Whitney Lynn is a Geospatial Project Manager at Wilson & Company, Inc., Engineers & Architects. He currently leads point cloud and reality capture product development fusing geospatial data from airborne to ground-based to hand-held platforms. Whit has completed a variety of geospatial projects, including road/bridge as-built design, dam deformation studies, transmission line and substation surveys, and sidewalk/stormwater improvements.