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Donate in My Name 2017 Results
A Special Thank You: Donate in My Name Results
Each year, Wilson & Company invites staff and clients to select a charity, and in February, we send our donations to those charities based on the amount of votes each charity received. Those donations are given in the names of all of our participants. 
Thank you to each of our participants! Here are the results from the votes:  
  • Homes For Our Troops – 35.1%
  • The American Cancer Society – 34.7% 
  • The National Multiple Sclerosis Society – 18%
  • The ALS Association – 12.2% 
Homes For Our Troops has found a special way to thank severely injured veterans with a mortgage-free, specially adapted home for them and their families. Homes For Our Troops has been building these homes nationwide since September 11, 2001.
Here are a few of the inspirational comments we received from our voters:  
“Merry Christmas to all our troops that have given so much for our country.  Thanks to them we can celebrate Christmas.”
“I have a wounded warrior close friend who received a home from HFOT so I have seen first hand the great work they do.”  
“Thanks for your Cancer Society support. As a cancer survivor, I appreciate the good work being made to beat the disease.”


In addition to these comments, we received 12 messages that were in honor of friends, family, and co-workers with MS, ALS, and cancer.  
Your stories encourage us on to continue this tradition each year and join these charities in their efforts to make sure every injured veteran has a place to call home; to find the cure for cancer; to shape a vision and a world free of MS; and to build hope while aggressively searching for new treatments and a cure for ALS.   
Wilson & Company is a part of our community, and we know that this program is more than percentages and numbers on a page. May we find every opportunity to support those around us all year long.