Roadway Design Services - New Mexico

The RN 125 roadway is a primary access to NM 53 for many residents of the Ramah Navajo Reservation, and deteriorating conditions of the roadway and drainage problems had become a concern. This project was for design and construction documents for four miles of roadway located near Pine Hill. Design included full pavement reconstruction with the same two 12-ft lanes and the addition of two-ft shoulders on each side. Design also included analyzing vertical alignment to ensure the posted speed limit met required design criteria.

This stretch of roadway contained several ponding areas that collected local runoff. In three locations, the roadway travels directly into these large ponding areas and prompted our team to provide innovative solutions, such as earthen berms to protect the subsurface of the roadway. Key elements in the design included environmental investigations and geotechnical analysis.


Ramah Navajo Chapter