Missouri River Flood Plain LiDAR - Clay and Jackson Counties, Missouri

Wilson & Company provided high-resolution digital elevation data developed from LiDAR for approximately 80 square miles of the Missouri River flood plain in portions of Clay and Jackson Counties. This data allows the Corps to generate digital elevation models and contours for hydraulic/hydrologic models, conservation planning activities, and environmental impact assessments. The data was collected with leaf-off conditions during winter 2012.
Our team calibrated and filtered the LiDAR data to a highly accurate bare earth surface. Monotonic breaklines were compiled in the floodplain to produce a hydro-flattened surface that complies with USGS/FEMA specifications. The processing incorporated waterway connecting vectors from which bare LiDAR points were removed, which creates hydro-enforced surfaces that allow water to flow freely along the surface model without false dams at culverts and other features that do not normally prevent flow. 
US Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas City District
Services Provided 
  • Bare earth points
  • Hydro-flattened and hydro-enforced DEMs
  • First return DEMs tiled according to USGS DOQQQ and generated in UTM and Geographic coordinates
  • FGDC Metadata that fully complies with project reporting and accuracy assessments