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Design-Build in Transportation Conference, Minneapolis, MN
Join us at the Design-Build in Transportation Conference, Minneapolis, MN
Join Us at the Design-Build in Transportation Conference, Minneapolis, MN
How to Maximize Value Through Contractor-Defined Additional Requested Elements
10:45 - 11:45 am, Wednesday, March 29, 2017, Minneapolis Convention Center, 1301 2nd Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN
Using a collaborative process with shortlisted proposers, CDOT successfully integrated project goals during procurement, improving project design and construction. CDOT incorporated innovative Contractor Defined Additional Requested Elements (AREs) into its best value procurement process to maximize operations of the I-25/
US 24 Interchange Design-Build Project. This collaborative procurement process (concurrent with completing extensive environmental permitting) resulted in effective Contractor Defined AREs and extensive ATC submittals, setting the groundwork for a strongly integrated project team.
• David M. Watt, CDOT Region 2 Resident Engineer, Colorado Springs, CO, Project Director
• Mark Scholfield, PE, Wilson & Company, Denver, CO, Project Manager
• Scott Asher, PE, Wilson & Company, Colorado Springs, CO, Project Manager
• Tim Maloney, Kraemer North America, Castle Rock, CO, Principal-in-Charge
Meet Our Presenters:
Mark Scholfield, PE, is Wilson & Company’s Alternative Delivery Program Manager, with overall responsibility for the firm’s involvement in design-build projects. He is also a leader in the Colorado Department of Transportation Innovative Contracting Program, serving as ACEC’s representative and co-authoring CDOT’s Project Delivery Selection Matrix and Design-Build Manual. Mark received his undergraduate degree in civil engineering from the University of Wisconsin and his masters degree in civil engineering from the University of Colorado, and is a certified DBIA Professional.
Scott Asher, PE, specializes in managing complex transportation planning, design, and construction projects for public sector clients. His proven experience in design and construction and thorough knowledge of planning issues enables him to lead the development of phaseable solutions that meet short-term and long-term needs. Scott has extensive experience performing roadway, geometric, and lighting design for planning projects and final design projects.