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How Architecture Creates Community
How Architecture Creates Community
Communities are focused on family, growth, and opportunity. Architecture can help create a sense of community. Smaller towns are often centered around the school and school activities and the design can bridge or divide communities. It's important to design facilities that help to create a sense of community and are specific to the region.  
We believe community architecture should consist of three things. One, entries should be inviting; two, materials should reflect the architecture found in the area; and three, the scale of buildings should be relevant to the surroundings. 
Our nation has been challenged with creating safer environments for our communities and kids. The design for safety begins with the route used to reach a building and extends to the interior by providing safe environments internally in the event of an intrusion.
Our school projects incorporate site related design to increase safety for students. Separation of bus, parent and pedestrians is a focus for all of our site layouts.
Article by Wilson & Company’s Architecture Operations Manager Michael Wright, AIA, NCARB